Key Information For This Product Range:
Available widths:2.00m, 3.00m, 4.00m, 5.00m, 6.00m, 7.00m, 8.00m, 9.00m 10.00m, 12.00m
Eave height:2.32m, 2.52m,
Bay distance:3.00m
Structure length:Unlimited in 3.00m increments
Roof design:“A” Frame
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Key Information For This Product Range:
Available widths:3.00m, 6.00m, 9.00m,12.00m, 15.00m
Eave height:2.30m
Bay distance:3.00m, 3.22m, 4.50m
Structure length:Unlimited in 3.00m increments
Roof design:A-Frame, Curved Roof, Shaped and High Peak
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temporary structures for events

What is the RÖDER HTS HÖCKER Compatible Range?

Our extensive range of compatible temporary event structures are designed to match the marquee and structure systems of all other major suppliers; they are 100% compatible, fully engineered and structurally indistinguishable from their competitive counterparts.

How can you benefit from choosing a Structure from our Compatible Range?

This alternative supply channel enables marquee and event rental companies to purchase spare component parts, extension bays and complete new temporary structures from the supplier they feel can deliver the best overall package in terms of high quality product, delivery lead-times and, most importantly, products supplied at a competitive price.



From the birth of the marquee and event rental industry, hire companies have been able to select, and then purchase, their preferred type of structure design from multiple trade manufacturers providing a variety of temporary structure systems.

Historically, once the rental company selected their chosen supplier, the marquee hire company became “locked in” and committed to that supplier simply because of the incompatibility of the chosen supplier’s temporary structure system compared with other suppliers’ systems.

Until now, companies had two options available. Either, continue to purchase and maintain their existing marquee equipment from their chosen supplier with no control over price and inflexible production times or, alternatively, select a new supplier. This involves buying into yet another marquee system whilst dealing with the associated high costs of investing with a new supplier and dealing with the confusion of integrating another set of components into the company’s existing hire inventory.

The RÖDER HTS HÖCKER compatible temporary event structures product range has been specifically designed to provide marquee and event rental operators from around the world with an alternative supply option to consider when contemplating purchasing new marquee equipment.


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A new and cost effective source for temporary structures that match systems of other major suppliers
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