Key Information For This Product Range:
Available widths:25.00m, 30.00m, 37.00m, 40.00m
Eave height:3.00m, 4.00m
Bay distance:5.00m
Structure length:Unlimited
Snow loadingAvailable on request
Roof type:Single layer or Thermo inflatable PVC
Walling option:PVC, Glass, Corrugated steel, Insulated panels
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sports structures

MUTLI-SPORTS STRUCTURES from RÖDER HTS HÖCKER  encompass a range of temporary and permanent modular building solutions designed for a variety of sporting applications enabling field and court sports activities to continue throughout the year whatever the season.



Sports halls are available in unlimited lengths in standard span widths of: 10m, 15m, 18m, 20m, 25m, 30m 37m and 40m – for ease of navigation, these standard structure sizes are categorised into small, medium and large Multi-Sports Structures.  In addition to our standard range of sizes, our pre-engineered multi-sports buildings can be manufactured to accommodate customers’ exact site-specific requirements. For example site specific wind and snow loads to comply with local planning control requirements or special widths and lengths, together with variable eave and ridge heights to fulfil most covered space sporting requirements.  

Roof & Wall Options

Multi-Sports Structures are supplied with two different options for the roof covering; customers can choose between the standard tensioned fabric single layer roof system and the THERMO inflatable energy efficient roof system.  Both roof systems are manufactured from a robust and highly durable, industrial grade PVC material which allows natural light to transmit through the translucent architectural roof membrane therefore keeping ongoing lighting costs to a minimum as daytime lighting costs are minimized.

All Multi-Sports Halls are available with a comprehensive range of non-insulated and fully insulated wall cladding options as well as accessory items including pedestrian and vehicle access doors, internal dividing screens, lighting systems which can be configured to ensure optimum play in combination with the available natural light, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HV/AC).

Cost Savings & Flexibility

When compared with traditional construction methods, RÖDER HTS HÖCKER modular Multi-Sports Structures offer numerous advantages that should not be overlooked. These include significant costs savings with guaranteed fixed overall project costs, short production and rapid installation times. In addition, unlike conventional buildings, our sports halls are fully demountable and can therefore be resold, reconfigured, extended or relocated and re-used in a multitude of different applications at a later date.

With extensive life spans of 20 years and more, a Multi-Sports Structure provides a long-term yet sound investment. Save time and minimise expenditure with an innovative pre-engineered multi-sports structure system from RÖDER HTS HÖCKER.

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Covered space solutions for sporting applications - available in multiple design and size options.
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