The armed forces of a leading European country needed an aircraft hangar that could be used during deployment around the world.
Working together since 1990 RÖDER HTS HÖCKER has built a strong relationship with the military forces and has in-depth knowledge of the clients’ requirements and needs.
It was important the aircraft shelter could comply with the adverse weather conditions and climates including high winds and snow loads. It needed to be quick and easy to assemble and dismantle. More importantly the shelter had to fit into one 20ft container that made it easier to handle via air freight, land or ship.
RÖDER HTS HÖCKER was chosen as the defence forces wanted to work with a German based company. They knew RÖDER HTS HÖCKER had the depth of knowledge and experience with the best products on the market and could meet their requirements.


RÖDER HTS HÖCKER supplied a 16.00m x 22.50m with a 2.50m eave height Maintenance Shelter. An A-Frame roof and PVC coated polyester fabric walls were designed and dealt with wind speeds up to 100 km/h and 100 kg/sqm snow loads.
With over 25 years of working together a trusting relationship has been built and the understanding of what the European military armed forces require is inseparable.
The customer is extremely pleased with the aircraft hangar RÖDER HTS HÖCKER supplied. The hangar is easy to use around the world despite the weather conditions and is quick and easy to assemble and dismantle.

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