A school based in Queensland, Australia was undergoing a large expansion and looking for a building that would allow more space to be used to teach lessons and carry out extra-curricular activities. They also needed a building that could cope with the extreme weather conditions and be easily extended to create additional lesson space when required.


Direct from the manufacturer, RÖDER HTS HÖCKER supplied and installed a 10.00m x 15.00m modular temporary school building with a 3.00m eave height fitted with a Thermo opaque blockout insulated roof system.

This temporary building was equipped with a combination of ISO therm, vertical glass and PVC side walling panels and a robust aluminium cassette flooring with ply board was used as the flooring system.

The school now has a building that is extremely versatile and can be relocated to various sites as they plan to expand and build another new school on a different site. As the building is modular the school can increase and decrease the size as and when they need to. Unlike other companies, who add extra costs for design and the need for architects, the school benefited from saving costs on this is as it’s included in the service RÖDER HTS HÖCKER provide and is also fully engineered to comply with Australian specifications.

The client chose to work with RÖDER HTS HÖCKER through a recommendation from a leading marquee hire company in Brisbane who is an existing RÖDER HTS HÖCKER customer.

The client was extremely thankful for the fantastic product that was delivered on time and as planned.

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